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ALL proceeds go toward our Rescue Horses!

- Mon-Sat convenient drop off at Old Mill Riverside on 47 in Belen

We also have affordable used blankets for sale.  Our inventory is constantly changing, so call for a list of what we currently have in stock**

v  Specializing in waterproof and rip-stop fabrics.

  v  Blankets are all cold washed and hung dry per manufacturer’s instructions. 

v  We use special soap (non-detergent) that is specifically designed for waterproof fabrics.  

v Contact us for special orders or custom color matches- 
we'll try our best to find what you need!

 v Free Pick Up and Drop off at Old Mill Riverside on 47 & River Rd in Belen
Pick up and Delivery Service available in Los Lunas and Albuquerque



(You may send in CLEAN items to avoid laundry charges, but they must be CLEAN with no mud, dirt or hair!)

v All Heavy Weight Blankets or Medium weight with neck cover/hood $15.00

v All Lightweight and Medium Weight Blankets $12.00

  v Cotton Sheets/Fly sheets or Coolers $8.00

 v English Saddle  pads- $5.00 each or up to 3 for $10.00 
(We do not wash the thick wool Professional Choice western saddle blankets- 
professional dry cleaning is recommended)

 v Waterproofing  $12.00   


v  Patches are $6.00 each up to 12 inches in YOUR choice of COLOR
**Holes/tears larger than 12inches may not be able to be patched **

v  Belly Strap/Surcingle Hardware only   $6.00 per strap
v  Belly Strap /Surcingle Total Replacement, including strap &hardware $10.00 per strap
v  D-Ring Hardware Replacement   $3.00 per ring
v  Leg Strap 1 inch Hardware Replacement only  $5.00 per strap
v  Leg Straps Total Replacement with hardware   $10.00 pair  
v  Front Buckles/Chest Fasteners or Straps with snap clips  (either side) $5.00 each/
$10.00 total replacement (buckle & strap)
v  Splint or Medicine Boot Velcro Replacement   $6.00 per boot


v PATCH/TEARS: Purple, Magenta, Hot Pink, Red, Burgundy, Royal Blue, Navy Blue,  Khaki, 
Forest Green, Black
(colors may appear different depending on your computer screen)

  v All straps are replaced in black, or with a closer color match if we have one in stock


Here are some helpful tips in preserving the quality and longevity of your horse blankets:

-          Since manure and urine will break down the material of your blankets, on the first sunny day you are able, hang the blanket over a fence and hose down any spots that your horse has rolled in.

-          At the end of the blanket season, send your blankets in for laundering and repair so they are ready for the winter. 
The turnaround time in the winter seems much longer when you need the blanket than in the spring, when you are done using it.

-          If you would like to wash your own blankets, first use a hose and a brush on the blankets while hanging over a fence.  Without soap, hose your blanket down thoroughly and use a hand brush to manually remove any mud, manure and urine.  Let the blanket dry in the sun and repeat the process if necessary. 
Use a front-load washer or a top-load without an agitator.  The straps will get caught up in a center agitator and can tear the straps off. 
Run a hot water rinse cycle on your machine before putting in blankets, to wash the residual detergent out of the machine.
Do NOT use regular laundry soap!  Regular detergent will destroy the waterproof coating on your blankets.  Use a specially formulated non-soap product made for horse blankets or camping equipment. 
If your blanket is medium or heavy weight, it will probably require 2 washing cycles.  Always use a COLD water wash and rinse.
Do NOT use the dryer as this can shrink your blanket, as well as destroy the waterproof coating. 
Always hang dry your blankets!

-          Store your blankets over the spring and summer in a Rubbermaid-type plastic container once they are clean and repaired.  This will keep out rodents, barn cats, and dogs from using your horse’s blankets as bedding when not in use.

-          Have your blankets waterproofed if they have shown any sign of water seeping through.  Keep in mind that the older a blanket is, the less able it will be to hold a waterproof layer.  After a few years of use, including improper laundering and long-term manure and urine stains, the integrity of the material becomes compromised.  The material essentially opens up and does not hold a waterproof layer as well as a newer blanket.  Have an older blanket waterproofed every year.


We can fix dog blankets/coats too!








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