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Desert Sky Ranch offers the finest care to the discriminating horse owner.  We can work with you to satisfy your horse's individual needs. 

Please note that we do not charge additionally for items such as: Blanketing, Worming, and Grooming.  We feel that these are part of daily care, and should be done regardless of cost.  If our horses get it, so does yours!

***We do not offer a no-care option.  We feel strongly that each horse should be given individual attention and care on a daily basis.  Most equine companions have been pampered for many years, and there is no reason to take that care away in the retirement years.***

We take nutrition seriously and are constantly testing our feeds and hay.  We evaluate current feeding and nutritional intake on a regular basis, and consult with the owner should any changes need to be made. For our "plump" residents, options are available to keep sugars and starches  below 10%.


-         Quality Senior Grain or hay pellet, combined with beet pulp is fed twice daily, with a low carb option available.
***Heather is an equine nutritionist and very knowledgeable regarding the nutritional needs of Insulin Resistant and Cushing's affected horses.  Please call to discuss specific nutritional needs of your horse.  We can accommodate most requests.

-         Hay Four Times a Day, or depending on need  (soaked if needed).
 ***We have our hay analyzed at each cutting to be sure each horse is getting the proper amount of nutrients, minerals and calories.  We'd be happy to share our information with you!  The bulk of our feedings are grass hay, which can be supplemented with alfalfa when needed.

-    We balance our hay and feed with trace and major minerals, according to the most current  NRC guidelines, to ensure a proper diet to maximize immune system response, proper digestive function, and all-around general well being. 

-         Bran Mash once a week (for our non-IR horses)

-         Blanketing and Un-blanketing in Cool Weather

-         Fly Sheets and Masks On and Off

-         Psyllium Fiber for one week every month

-         Full day Turn-out, privately or group

-    We have solar automatic watering systems, with installed meters on each one to measure how much each horse is drinking.  The solar power heats the water in the winter, while the same panel is covered in the summer and reflects the sun, keeping the water cool.  Horses that prefer buckets to drink from are accommodated as well.

-         Stall at night in winter months, and in any uncomfortable weather with daily mucking and fresh shavings, salt blocks, and always fresh water

-         Worming Program: Rotating schedule with fecal tests between dosings.

-         Shedding/Clipping:  Your horse will be groomed on a regular basis, and clipped as needed.  Extra attention given during shedding season.  Baths are also given, and you'll definitely want pictures of that!

-         Photos and updates are provided on a regular basis to ensure your peace of mind

-         Supplements may be provided by owner, and will be gladly dispensed for no additional charge.

-         Full body check daily at feeding time

-         Full access to the facility, to ride or just visit.

-         $450.00 per month


-         All of the items listed in Package #1

-         Includes a stall year round.

-         $570.00 per month

We allow our own horses to get as much fresh air and exercise as possible.  However, some horse owners prefer their horses be indoors at night.  Package #2 is suited for individual need.


-         All of the items listed in Package #1

-         Includes a stall and/or private turnout area, depending on need and recovery process.

-     Medications administered, wrapping or bandages changed daily, hand walking, and any other special needs will be included.

-         Please call to discuss price.  Most of our rehab residents can be accommodated by the Equine Retirement Packages #1 or #2.

Farrier, Veterinary and Dentistry Services are scheduled routinely for all of our horses.  We will make the appointments and provide personal handling and supervision for all of these visits.  The actual services administered are not included in the price of board, and will be billed to you upon occurrence.  Vaccinations are scheduled twice a year in spring and fall, while dentistry and sheath cleaning are scheduled at least once a year, or more often depending on each horse's need.

Time and extensive research has allowed us to carefully select the very best veterinary, dentistry and farrier specialists.  We are extremely lucky to have them, and trust them with all of our hearts.  These are the people who make our lives easier, our horses healthier, and we couldn't do it without them!

We have a wonderful vet who is kind and extremely knowledgeable, who doesn't mind being on call at any time.  Chiropractic and Acupuncture are also available, to help your horse's body adjust to the changes of aging.  The vet can also offer natural solutions to help with any condition/diseases, in conjunction with, or possibly instead of expensive drugs, should you wish to explore a different route.  

We encourage our boarders have shoes REMOVED prior to coming to Desert Sky Ranch.  This reduces your cost, as well as limiting injury to our other residents.  We have two of the best farriers in the state, both specializing in natural trimming of barefoot horses.  If you believe your horse should continue to be shod, please specify the reason in the boarding application or contact us.

We prefer to sign a one year contract.  Once a horse is introduced into the new environment, it is important to maintain a stable herd for the long term residents.  We do not accept monthly Retirement boarding and Rehabilitation horses are not introduced to the herd for this reason. 
However, if you are ever dissatisfied, you may cancel your contract at any time.


"Grooming: The process by which dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom..." 


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