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We feed a nutritionally complete senior feed twice a day and excellent quality grass hay (or alfalfa upon request) four times a day.  Salt/mineral blocks are provided for each horse.  Clean water and stalls are of utmost importance to us.  12x12 airy stalls are mucked out daily, and filled with fresh pine shavings.  The stalls have grated top portions so our residents can continue to visit inside the barn.

Our weather is mild.  We even have seasons here in the desert!  Daily summer temperatures average from 80 to 90 degrees in the summer with low humidity.  The sun is always shining, but not blazing.  Average daily winter temperatures are in the low 50’s.

We live on-site to provide the utmost security and care.  Our barns are monitored 24 hours a day by video surveillance.  And, YES, we have been known to spend the night in the barn should one of our residences require all night care.  We are committed to caring for your horse, just as if it were our own.

New Mexico recently passed legislation for Retirement and Rescue Facilities, and we have completed the process of being certified.  We are one of six in the state to be licensed, and the only one who specializes in Retirement.  We will undergo annual inspections to retain our license.

We are also inspected and certified annually by the county Fire Department and Emergency Services.  This ensures that we are fully compliant with safety codes.  We are rated as “Excellent Condition,” which is the highest level of satisfaction.

Love and care to our retired horses is our number one priority.  We take pride in offering the best equine retirement to your companion (and no, we won't take your mother)~ Four legged critters only, please!


"Our perfect companions
never have less than four feet..."


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