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Desert Sky Ranch is a family owned and operated facility.  We all pitch in and do our fair share of work, from maintenance to feeding.  From sunrise to sunset, we spend the day with the horses.  Even the dogs like to be involved in daily chores!  

A day in the life of Horse Retirement:


Ever the clown... Our rescue (in honor of Harley).  Cato provides comic relief at all times!  Thanks to Janelle at Almost Home NM for pulling our cutie from the shelter and giving him a new life!


Who says you need to have muddy hooves after it rains?  Our little princess is all grown up and quite opinionated!

Storm patiently awaits someone to bring him TREATS!  Apples, carrots, whatever...

This is the sunset the horses and I enjoy most mornings! Always a great start to the day...

Our Great Dane Sabre, gives his daily face cleanings.  Showtime even bends his head down to make it easier for inspection!

Our herds are tightly woven.  
Sometimes it's hard to find where one horse ends and another begins....

Two best friends... Showtime and Cochise are ALWAYS together, and we wouldn't dream of ever separating them.  Both have worked hard and deserve to spend time in good company.


Sky, the namesake of the ranch, and my pride and joy, takes a relaxing nap after playing all afternoon with Cody.



In memory of the original... Harley B. 
Always in our hearts!



This is our REAL security team!  This herd of donkeys spends the day grazing on the entire property  surrounding the horses.  Nothing gets through this group!  They are so cute, but they take their job very seriously!




"If you are a rider, the number one thing to do is... marry money!"


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